Monday Motivation I (October 2020)

If you make others happy, Mondays are no problem. People often make Monday morning wishes that their week is going to turn out great. However, you can make it great yourself by putting out positive vibes and energy. Happy Monday!  

Syndicate Welcomes New Operations Team Members

Join us in welcoming Mandie Forner and Matt Loyd to the Syndicate team!   Mandie began her career in claims as a CAT desk adjuster in 2017. Before claims, she was in banking for close to 10 years. Mandie lives in Texas with her husband and children, and in her...

Reinsurance – Insurance•ish Podcast with Josh Morgan

This week’s new episode of Insurance•ish the Podcast features Karl New, Vice President of MunichRe. Karl and Josh breakdown the different ways reinsurance companies operate in the insurance space, different types of reinsurance treaties, and why reinsurance is the...

Monday Motivation III (September 2020)

"Mondays don’t always have to be dull and dreary. All you have to do is focus and believe that something great is going to happen. Then just allow that greatness to shine upon you throughout the entire week."