This week’s new episode of Insurance•ish the Podcast features Mandi Harper, Syndicate’s Quality Assurance Manager. Mandi and Josh discuss the role and importance of internal QA practices, how those practices can impact an organization, and provide adjusters with an actionable checklist of items to complete before submitting files. This episode will allow you to gain perspective on the QA side of claims and so much more! To stay in the know with all things Insurance•ish, connect with Syndicate on LinkedIn, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.



About Mandi Harper:

Mandi has been in the P&C industry for over a decade. She has worked in various capacities, stretching from managing desk operation teams to working in the field. Claims are her true passion. She has a wonderful husband and 5 children. Mandi and her family live a very active lifestyle and enjoy being outdoors as much as possible along with playing sports in their spare time. They love to travel and have lived allover the US to accommodate their work schedules. Mandi draws a parallel between the fast-pace and sometimes chaotic nature of claims and her personal life, but she loves it and would not trade it for anything.