This week’s new episode of Insurance•ish the Podcast features Brandon Stevens, Syndicate’s Director of Specialty Claims. Brandon and Josh highlight several tips to help Property Adjusters write thorough and credible reports that will leave desk adjusters singing praises.Find out the best way to handle non-waiver reservations of rights, estoppel, and so much more! To stay in the know with all things Insurance•ish, connect with Syndicate on LinkedIn, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.



About Brandon Stevens:

Brandon started his career as an Independent Adjuster during Hurricane Katrina, nearly 15 years ago. Since then, he has handled claims in almost every major hurricane within the U.S. He worked extensively as a Large Loss General Adjuster for several years. An interesting fact about Brandon is that he handled the liability claims for all of McDonald’s locations in the state of Kentucky for three years. In addition, he has handled multiple loses in excess of $25 million with $18 million being the largest single claim with Syndicate. What he enjoys most about the insurance industry are the boundless opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and want to succeed.

Outside of adjusting, Brandon’s passion is real estate. He and his wife own 46 rental properties across 2 states and have flipped numerous houses over the years. Although he’s not originally from Kentucky, he’s passionate about horses, bourbon, and basketball. Brandon and his wife are quite the global citizens and enjoy traveling internationally. Since college, Brandon has been involved in Big Brother Big Sisters. While him and his wife have no kids, they have deemed themselves the official fun uncle, aunt, and godparents to five little ones.