5 Tips to Avoid WFH Burnout

The balance between work life and personal life are very clear when you leave your home for work, but the lines can become blurred when you’re working from home on a daily basis. In an effort to prove you’re just as productive working from home as you were at work, you may find yourself exhausted. Watch this video to learn five easy tips on how to separate your personal and work life when working from home.



Maintain a Morning Schedule

Create a new morning routine or keep the same routine you had before working remotely. Either way, the goal is to simply provide yourself with personal time in the morning to prepare for the work day.

Define Ground Rules for People in Your Space

Everyone’s work from home situation is different. Take into account your unique situation in your new work environment, and communicate accordingly. Maybe you need to communicate your work schedule and needs with your family. Maybe you need to communicate with your colleagues and leadership that you’ll need their understanding and patience because you have to simultaneously balance caring for your family and work. Maybe your work from home hours need to be different from the hours you would normally work. All in all, communicating rules, expectations, and boundaries are essential to creating an effective WFH experience.

Schedule Breaks

Breaks serve as an opportunity for you to recharge throughout the work day. Consider taking breaks to spend time with family, provide your body with nutrients, exercise/stretch, etc.

Create a Dedicated Office Space

A home office is not realistic for everyone, but having a space within your home that you can transform into a small work area can be helpful. This allows you to create a healthy work life balance. In other words, if you’re not in your office space, you shouldn’t be working.

Allow Vacation and Sick Days

Just because you’re not traveling or don’t have any specific plans doesn’t mean you don’t need a day off. Consider taking time off to relax and enjoy the company of family.