Jaimie Pressman is one of our exceptional adjusters who handles residential and commercial property claims. Although licensed in several northeastern states, including Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, she primarily covers Maine. Jaimie has several years of adjusting experience and has many insightful gems on how anyone can transition their unique background into a rewarding career in insurance.

Jaimie attended the University of New Hampshire where she studied English Literature. She has always been a bookworm who enjoys writing, which made her studies a natural fit. For several years, Jaimie excelled in the retail and customer service industries. Her unique background heavily relied on strong communication. Her ability to empathize with others and understanding of creating a remarkable customer experience is what set her apart and landed her first job as an entry level adjuster with an insurance carrier. She was able to learn adjusting from the ground up and eventually found her way to the Syndicate team.



Jaimie admits that as an adjuster, there is no typical day. She emphasizes that everyday is different and that’s what makes the role so exciting. On any given claim, Jaimie could travel a few minutes or upwards of six hours. She likes to break up the longer drives by stopping at historical landmarks, sightseeing, or trying a new restaurant. She strategizes her agenda by scheduling closer claims sooner so that she can do several inspections in one day. She tends to schedule further away claims more into the future so that she can effectively manage her time.

The opportunity to interact with many different individuals and ultimately help them has made her role as an adjuster rewarding and fulfilling. Jaimie emphasizes, “we work for many carriers and represent that carrier to the insured. Creating a remarkable customer experience is always my main objective.” She believes that the challenging nature of her role and the daily interactions she has with insureds makes the experience extraordinary and worthwhile. “I love not having a 9 to 5, the flexibility, and the ability to travel. I love to be on my feet and in a new environment, handling claims as they come.”

“What I enjoy most about working at Syndicate is the community feel. Our kickoff event at the beginning of the year was great and I was able to meet so many people. There’s definitely a warm, family element to the company. Syndicate is committed to your success as an adjuster. There’s a huge focus on development and where you go next from here.”



“It’s great to work for a company that has values that you inherently believe in. It’s important to me to be aligned with a company who cares about their people. At Syndicate, I feel like I truly fit into the puzzle.”

Words of advice to any recent college graduate considering a career in insurance:

  • Insurance is much more exciting than it seems.

  • You can go in many different directions. You’ll never be stuck in one area of insurance.

  • Be open to mentors who can help you along the way.

  • Know that you can reach out. You’re on your own a lot as an adjuster so it’s important to keep the lines of communication open with senior adjusters.

“There’s always something you can learn. Within Syndicate, there are so many strong adjusters that have been doing this for so long and have so much to teach you. Be open to learn.”

Outside of work, Jaimie loves to enjoy the outdoors by visiting the beach or walking trails. She’s a huge foodie and enjoys trying new places in Portland. Over the years, she’s become a collector of vintage turquoise jewelry, thanks to the inspiration of her grandmother. On the daily, her two-year-old keeps her busy and inspired.